Medicare is ever changing. As Partcipating Providers, we must abide by Medicare Rules and Regulations. Below is our Medicare flyer explaining how Medicare works with Chiropractic.

For your initial visit, the doctor will set up a customized treatment plan depending on your situation. There will be an initial exam fee which Medicare requires but does not pay for. At some point during your treatment plan, a re-exam will be performed to document your progress and any changes to your treatment plan. Please keep in mind that Medicare does not pay for the exams but does require them.

Some of the main points that are not negotiable with Medicare and our practice are:

  • Medicare requires (but does not pay for) an exam at the beginning of a treatment plan.
  • Medicare requires (but does not pay for) a re-exam when converting to maintenance care.
  • Medicare does not cover maintenance care.
  • Medicare does not cover your initial new patient exam fee.
  • Medicare requires compliance with prescribed treatment plan or they may choose not to pay for it.
  • Medicare requires a pain assessment to be filled out every 30 days.
  • Medicare only covers the cost of spinal manipulations, no therapies or other services are covered.

Once your treatment plan is complete, you will be on maintenance care which is self-pay. We do offer a Discount Medical Plan to help offset the cost of maintenance care.  Ask us about ChiroHealth USA!