Patients are always asking me what I use for this or that. Well, here is my list: 

Organic Coconut Oil & Honey Drops

I use these drops when I do my public speaking. I had been looking for something that would help keep my throat from getting so dry. Of course, when I was presented with these to try, I was amazed at how well they worked….without all the junk! They are a pure alternative that is truly beneficial to your wellness…..made right in your own backyard of Winter Park!

Withings Scale

I have this in my own home. It has an app for the i-PAD, i-PHONE and i-TOUCH. It is wireless and you can download the app to a regular computer if it has a wi-fi component. It gives an accurate weight which measures body fat, lean body mass and BMI. It is set up on a dashboard that allows you to chart your progress. It is a great visual tool to Keep you on your Program.

Cuisinart Egg Cooker

This is such a handy tool in our kitchen. I don’t have time to stand around and wait for the water to boil to make hard boiled eggs (I am notorious for green yolks if I do eggs on the stove). In a few minutes, you can load the cooker with 1-7 eggs and add water in a measuring cup (included to cook your eggs soft, medium or hard. Put the lid on, push the on button and you are done. When the eggs are cooked the unit signals that they are ready and then, automatically turns off. A great and quick way for a protein snack or breakfast on the go.

My Favorite Running Shoes

New Balance 880 v4. These are my new favorite running shoe. My bunions appreciate the mesh sides that provide pressure free support. But when patients ask me what my favorite shoe is, that doesn’t mean it will be the shoe for you. Go to Fleet Feet in Altamonte or Track Shack on Mills Avenue and let their pros fit you in a shoe for your specific needs. Did I tell you that my shoes make me fun faster and I’m able to jump tall buildings in a single bound (ok, that is really Superman, it just sounded fun)!

My Favorite Socks

Balega Hidden comfort running socks

It is recommended that you wear a non-cotton, breathable sock for running, walking or other fitness activities. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why we make this recommendation:

  •  At rest, the average foot releases ½ cup of sweat each day.
  • On a 5 mile run, your feet produce enough sweat to fill an 8-ounce glass 55% of foot perspiration evaporates through the shoe’s upper. The other 45% is absorbed in the sock and footbed of your shoe!
  • Two trillion bacteria live on your feet (that’s 12% of all bacteria on the human body).
  • The naked foot temperature is 94 degrees. The non-active foot in a shoe has a temperature of 105-125 degrees. This temperature increases with activity level


I have done the Purification Program from Standard Process twice a year for the past ten years. My blender was on it last blend. So in my search to find the best replacement, I tried the Nutribullet. I can make a protein shake in ten minutes. That includes getting all the ingredients out, putting them into the blending cup, making the shake, pouring into my travel mug, washing the blending cup, putting everything away and walking out the door. I make fresh guacamole in two minutes. I make my favorite broccoli asparagus soup in it. The list goes on. Handy in the kitchen for any recipe and cleans instantly. The other thing that I love about it is that I can put fruit or veggies in, skin and all. It even has a milling blade for seeds and nuts. You can make your own almond butter or quinoa flour. The possibilities are endless.

I am a coconut oil nut!

We use it in the kitchen and the bathroom. The benefit of this gem are fabulous. We put it in our protein shakes, in our sauté pan, as a marinade or just by the spoonful! It is a medium chain fatty acid which is an anti-fungal, anti microbial, aids in digestion, improves elimination, reduces cholesterol and tastes great. It is also great for the skin. We use it as a natural face and body moisturizer. It a great makeup remover. We also give it to the dogs to help with itchy, dry skin. Give it a try. I have some great recipes!!!

Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Certified organic and non-GMO
  • Made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra
  • Cold-pressed
  • Unrefined
  • Chemical-free
  • Unfermented*
  • Unbleached
  • Undeodorized
  • Unhydrogenated
  • No Solvents
  • Pure white like fresh coconut
  • Tastes like fresh coconut
  • Has a fresh coconut fragrance

Bamboo Viscose Towel Set

In my effort to be more earth friendly at home, I have introduced renewable resources in our everyday products. These towels are great in Florida. They dry quickly without souring. They are super absorbent. And who knew that bamboo could be soft. I have had these towels for over two years and the fibers wear well. When our office towels wear out, bamboo towels will replace them!
Pure Fiber These 100% Bamboo towels provide an elegant soft and silky touch combined with absorbency that surpasses cotton.

Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

I have become a spoiled princess of quite a lot over the years. The addition of these sheets to my parlor happened two years ago. When I first purchased them I put them in the washer. When I took them out of the washer, I thought I had made a huge mistake…they were stiff as cardboard! But when I put them into the dryer, they transformed into sheets made of butter. They are so soft and cool to sleep on. Great for those of us who sleep with the ceiling fan on gale force wind! A must have, better than any 1000 thread Egyptian sheet I have ever slept on.

Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Again my effort to recycle and be more earth friendly has led me to composting. We eat so many fresh fruits and veggies that it is such a shame to throw it out to the weekly garbage pickup. So we found this for our kitchen. As we cut, peel or chop veggies and fruits, all the leftovers go into the pail. Any past due veggies or fruits we didn’t get to eat get tossed in (makes you not feel so bad for wasting food). We also buy tea bags that can compost. Coffee grounds and egg shells can go in too! This pail has a carbon filter so it reduces any rotten food smell. We empty our about every other day.

Bamboo Composte Pail

If you don’t like Stainless and want a product made of a renewable source, this is the composte bin for you…. Bamboo!

In Counter Stainless Composte Bin

For those of you who like the clean lines and nothing on the counter top, this is the solution for you!

Garden Plus Compost Bin

So now that your compost pail is filled, your next step is to compost it! We bought this compost bin from Lowe’s for about $50.00. It snapped together in about 10 minutes. We placed it in an easy access area in the yard amongst some bushes. All kitchen leftovers except animal protein can go in the bin. I alternate layers with yard clippings and Spanish moss (we have a ton of it from the cypress trees) with the food stuff. We put a ton of stuff in every week. Then it slowly goes down and the easy access panels allow you to scoop out your brown gold. Also it reduces our footprint tremendously. Between composting and recycling we only put out one small bag of actual garbage!


Spiralizing is the “art” of turning vegetables into noodles, using a spiralizer. Don’t have a spiralizer? This is the one that I use and recommend.